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Realism Takes Toll on Missing 9; Cast Says Filming Is Physically Draining

By analine soriano Murphy | January 16, 2017 10:04 AM EST


In a TV broadcast aired lately, four lead players of ' Missing 9' (Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Sun Bin, Baek Jin Hee, and Choi Tae Joon ) had a sit-down interview. It was part of the promotions for the soon to debut survival production.

In the conversation, the four reflected on what they encountered in the filming of the series. The discussion had its highest impact when the cast's reactions boil down to: it is physically draining.!

This response to the filming is not unexpected especially in a series whose approach to making reality (per Soompi), work with the plot is the need for characters to survive on an isolated island after a plane crash. More impressive is, the characters are made up of celebrities mostly. They are the avant- guard fed members of the society. This nation is now in shock at losing their major stardom personalities.

The physical hurdles

The cast generally thinks the film shooting is outright taxing. That the TV drama players had to experience discomforts being on a location shoot for long hours is not a shocking admission.

Similarly, they volunteered to tell that they have been working in the same clothes most of the time. They too hurried to put in the fact that they had to starve at times because of course, the scene shots are far from the amenities they are used to.

A consciousness to the luxury of having anything to eat when they crave for some fancy dishes is not at their dispersal. It is a gripping actuality that they needed to adjust to.

Because restaurants and convenient stores are just a phone call away in their world of reality, the shooting becomes a bit farfetched. And that they can buy anything they imagine in just a couple of keys or a mouse click away is quietly a miserable truth in the situation they are in.

Normal routine reversal

A far from the ordinary eating routine is one. Specifically, snacking on tuna sandwiches that they now recognize as a precious food is a high-priced mention.

The cast often found the lines" I am hungry" as a translation of not just a story dialogue but to express that they are really starving.They likewise found themselves eating on the props the production brought along like kimchi and chips.

Yet another is the typical routine of getting up and then shifting into a new set of clothes is an actuality they cannot abide with. Some of them answered that it didn't seem to matter for in the film they would be wearing the same clothes most of the time.

The thing called scent

Do they worry about smelling? The cast is quick to say that the scenes switch from island to the water that they hardly smell if they do smell.Additionally, they find clothes washing not essentially necessary considering the fact that their clothes were soaked in the water anyway. Lee Sun Bin according to Korean.mb4uli in particular states that it is harder than shooting the survival reality show 'Laws of the Jungle'.

Back to the brass tacks

Quite seeming to heed is how the group thinks of the filming as very tiring and realistic. Is the actors' take on the challenges in filming just personal perceptions?The survival series runs a fight between naturalism and romantic realism. This, the tv drama will slowly piece out as the series goes on its runs that start on the18 of January 2017.

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