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Tablo's Daughter Is A Real Swag For Her Rap, Gets Talent From Her Father

By Siti Fatimah | January 23, 2017 02:35 PM EST


Tablo's daughter, Haru, is a real sweet daughter. Her cute and beautiful face completes the happiness of Tablo and his wife. Tablo is a great father and also a romantic husband for his wife. She often shows his love for his wife and his daughter. Recently, he shared a picture of Haru on her instagram.

Tablo is a great composer in Epik High. His music is really nice and he can make people love him more. He is a romantic man, often showing that his love is his happiness. Being busy for several year with a baby, now Haru is grown up to be a beautiful child.

It seems that Haru really takes after her father. Tablo often shared a video of Haru trying to rap. Recently, he shared a video of Haru trying to rap on her instagram. The caption was "Haro 3000. Imitating Dad", according to report from soompi.

Tablo made an instagram account for Haru and he often shared her pictures on it. Some videos of her singing and rapping are also there. Fans who want to see Haru can easily see her on her instagram. She really gets the swag from her father.

In the video you can see that Haru is so talented. With her cute act, Tablo is really proud of his daughter. He calls the rap as "barbeque restaurant freestyle" because he recorded it while they were eating dinner at barbeque place.

Tablo is really affectionate to his daughter. According to report from koreaboo, Tablo once shared of a picture showing that he was carrying Haru. It was so nice with the caption was "Having a fun and exciting day with my dad".

With Haru preparing for second grade and Tablo with his music, they will be busy on their own. But Tablo will always try to play with Haru as he loves her so much.

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