The Academy Is Back With The Kpop Boot Camp Australia Season Two!

The Academy's Kpop Boot Camp Australia is back again this year with a brand new season!

After the incredible success of Sydney's 2016 Kpop Boot camp - with new friendships formed and many trainees gone on to exciting career opportunities in modeling, performing, and yes, K-Pop related paths too - this year, The Academy is bringing that excitement to Brisbane (hello Brisbanians!)

In Spring 2017, The Academy will be moving the entire production of the K-Pop Boot Camp to Brisbane. Why, you ask? Because they've been paying attention to all of you! So don't want you guys to miss out on the opportunity to audition and participate!

2017 is your year; we hope you're ready for it!

Here are the things you need to know:

Registration opens on 1st February 2017


  • 17 June - Perth
  • 24 June - Adelaide
  • 1 July - Brisbane
  • 8 July - Melbourne
  • 15 July - Sydney

As per last year, The Academy will be collecting a small registration fee of AUD50 per auditionee. This is to confirm your audition slot. They also appreciate the commitment (p/s: it looks good that you commit to the audition!)

Wild Card Challenge!
21st July - 1st August

For those who remember, the Wild Card Challenge is a free pass up for grabs! After all the auditions are over, all the auditionees get a chance to share their audition video with family, friends, and fans. The video with the highest number of likes stands a chance to win the free pass to the K-Pop Boot Camp!

K-Pop Boot Camp Season 2!
24 September - 1 October

Check out the links below to stay tuned to KMUSIC and The Academy to keep up with all the latest information and updates!

Best of luck to all the auditionees!



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