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‘Off The REC. Suzy’: 'Pretend' Singer Reveals Her Veteran Part-Timer Side In The New Episode

By Inayah Mulia Dewi | February 18, 2017 09:54 PM EST


Suzy is back on "Off The REC. Suzy". On episode 9 that was aired on February 15, the "Yes? No? Maybe" singer surprised her fans by revealing a hidden figure of her.

Suzy decided to substitute her sick friend for working as a part-time waiter at a brunch café. She seemed a little bit conflicted to adjust with her new job but she started to enjoy her new activities as soon as she got used to the pace of work in the café. The customers were surprised and excited seeing a class-A celebrity serving them.

Soompi reported, Suzy did a lot of the hard works from cleaning up tables, serving, and doing the dishes. The singer admitted that she had to look up the menu and studied it before start working so that she wouldn't be a burden for the rest of the staff. Suzy never imagined that being a waiter could be that exhausting although she admitted that she had a lot of fun and new things to learn. Suzy then described her past experience as a kid to help out her mom in the kitchen.

Suzy's friend who eventually showed up at the end of the shift thanked her for being such a good friend who willingly offered her help to work for a day in the café. Suzy showed an exemplary work as a part time waiter even she only worked for a day.

Earlier this year, Suzy released her first solo debut album "Yes? No?". Her pre-debut single "Pretend" topped the chart and gained a lot of positive feedbacks. In an episode of "Off The REC. Suzy", the singer shared what it's like to be a celebrity and revealed that she actually had her fortune told. As it turned out, the fortune teller revealed to her that the best time for her to get married is when she is 31 years old. Suzy's statement also debunked the rumor that she and Lee Min Ho are getting married this year.

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