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Areia Creations Releases MV for New Hip-Hop Group FMT

By Officially Kmusic | February 16, 2017 07:41 AM EST


Areia Creations official YouTube channel released a new MV for Idol Project Korea's anticipated new hip hop group, FMT, on February 14th!  

The group debut with their song 'Melt In Your Mouth (입에서 녹아)' which also features hip hop artist and music producer JXL. FMT, short for "Ferment", is a trio of guys who aim to combine exciting rap verses and beats, with K-Pop style dancing and visuals. The meaning of their name is to address that they have matured throughout their years as artists. The members are: main rapper Logos, main vocalist DI, and choreographer and dancer Glen.

The song is upbeat, the perfect song for dancing. They hold true to their goal of combining exciting rap verses and beats, with a K-Pop style touch. The video is reminiscent of a club, with neon lights and club outfits to match. The message of the song is to seize every moment before it "melts" away. Passing around candy, the group as well as actors, use this as a nice touch to play on the title 'Melt In Your Mouth'. They even make a TWICE reference, rapping the line:

"I turn up once more for your shy smile, feels so good here go more shots, tonight I got the cash and all the girls all look good, Twice're shouting "Cheer Up" just in time"

What do you think of the new hip-hop group FMT? Let us know in the comments below!


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