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GOT7 Jinyoung Is Filled With Emotion For ‘A Stray Goat’ Film Trailer

By Officially Kmusic | February 17, 2017 06:25 AM EST


GOT7 Jinyoung has landed his first movie role set to screen this coming March. He definitely will get viewers moved by his acting in the recently released trailer for 'A Stray Goat'. Check out the trailer below!

This trailer for 'A Stray Goat' goes into depth into what this movie is about. It allows the exploration, but also curiosity, on the lives of the main characters. Overall, it is about a high school boy named Min Sik who has moved to the town of Goseong where it never snowed. This main character role is played by Jinyoung. He then meets Yaeju who is an outcast since she is seen as the daughter of a murderer. Thus, she keeps her heart closed up. The main girl protagonist is played by Ji Woo, where the two main characters show their closeness during filming despite the fact that the two haven't met previously.

The trailer takes viewers on a roller coaster where the two are rejected by their class mates, allowing them to become more intertwined with one another. They can be seen getting warmer when they encountered a baby goat, hence the title of the movie! Both Jinyoung and Ji Woo acted so well in the trailer, allowing such a great trailer to be produced. It is definitely a heart wrenching story that tackles the topic of school violence so be sure to watch it when it releases!

'A Stray Goat' will premiere on the 1st of March so meanwhile check out the movie trailer above! Are you excited for the premiere? Let us know in the comments below!


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