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BTOB Realeres spoilers for their upcoming comeback; Album To Debut Next Week

By Binta Abubakar | February 22, 2017 10:06 PM EST


BTOB are already popularly known for releasing lots of teasers and spoilers on their albums for fans and it seems that their upcoming comeback is also not an exception. The BTOB are going to be making their comeback in early March and they will also be performing their new song at their fan-meeting on March 5, 2017.

In addition, in the case this was not enough excitement for Melody, BTOB has been releasing mountain of spoilers for their upcoming comeback. When BTOB were asked at a performance on Feb. 18, 2017, when they would be releasing their comeback album, Minhyuk responded saying he thinks fans will be seeing their album next week.

But then Eunkwang chipped in saying, "But, you know, if we feel good enough, we might even pull it forward a little." Fans are very delighted at this news from BTOB as Sungjae also stated that fans will be able to hear it sometime.

Allkpop reported that Hyunsik also tweeted a photo of frozen Jenga. Although so many fans were not clear as to what the frozen Jenga could possibly mean, other fans immediately grasp it meaning by remembering Sungjae's words. They quickly realized that the frozen Jenga in Korean is "Eon-Jen-Ga," which is said to be the same as "sometime."

The speculations and guesses about BTOB's upcoming comeback is getting viral by the day as fans are doing all it takes to know more about the album before it is released. Additionally, it is reported by Kenterin that BTOB is fueling these fire of speculation more as Minhyuk have posted pictures of the sun.

Eunkwang also posted photos of balls and Peniel is said to have posted photos of his dog Penny's nose. These photos are attracting lots of speculations as many fans are even interpreting the photos to represent "sun" "ball (gong)" "dog (gae)" or "pre-release" in Korean, which could possibly be teasing that BTOB will be releasing a pre-release titled "Sometime."

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