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100% MV 'Sketch U' Depicts Stages Of Heartbreak: Fans Say Group Is Talented But Underrated

By Angie Chui | February 23, 2017 11:11 PM EST


Kpop idols 100% has released their mini album "Sketchbook" and along with it, thay also officially released the MV for "Sketch U." The track serves as a comeback for the boys after they released their mini album "Time Leap" last October.

The MV for "Sketch U" posted by Soompi revolves around a couple after they have freshly ended their relationship. The video shows the man, played by 100% leader Minwoo and woman reminiscing the good times in their time together and missing each other even as they attempt to move forward with their lives. At the end of the video, the couple remains apart and saddened by the loss of each other.

The "Sketch U" MV has received many positive messages from the fans of 100% as many congratulated the boys for their comeback. Many fans were impressed by the song's heartbreaking but edgy melody and credited the boys for their great vocals and harmonies.

"The group itself is so underrated. Nost of their songs since debut are nice and the vocals are pretty impressive too. Hope they can gain more attention," a user by the name of HOLYKYU said. Many of the fans have expressed the same sentiment, sharing that they thought that the song was very beautiful.

In an earlier report by All Kpop, the boys explained that their album is entitled "Sketchbook" because their songs will depict the feelings that a man goes through from the time he is falling in love up until the time he is going through a break up. They said that the concept of their album is that through their songs, they will be the brush and the paint that will create a watercolor creation that they want to present to their fans.

"Sketch U" is the carrier track for the mini album whick will feature four other tracks. Sketchbook is also expected to feature an instrumental track of "Sketch U."

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