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5 Top Kdramas That Need Season 2: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Goong, City Hunter and More!

By Angie Chui | February 26, 2017 08:41 PM EST


Korean dramas have captured the hearts of audiences the world over because of their heartwarming stories that keep the viewers at the edge of their seats at end of each episode and wanting more at the end of the series. But there are some exceptional dramas that end in such a way that leave audiences thinking about what could happen after the supposed ending.

Kpopstarz has come up with a list of Korean dramas that have the potential to extend their stories to a second season. While many of these dramas have long ended, it doesn't mean that its goodbye forever as the possibility of an extension will always be alive.

Princess Hours / Goong. Drama Fever has a point when it hinted that viewers could still use an update about what happened to Chae Kyung and Crown Prince Lee Shin a few years after they reunited in Macau. The renewal of vows happened only a few moments before the series actually ended. Was she actually pregnant? What became of Lee Shin's sister's reign? Did Yul find a girl of his own? Even if the drama doesn't extend to a full season, viewers would definitely not oppose a two hour special, a web series - anything to answer those questions.

My Love From the Star. Okay, it was a happy ending, according to a Noonafan review. Nobody died and for a drama of this caliber that managed to deliver on both comedic aspects and the heavy drama, having a sad ending would have been unacceptable. However, because audiences rooted for Min Joo and Song Yi so much, having Min Joo appearing and disappearing at odd times seemed like a cop out ending. Season 2 could revolve around how they can find a way to stay together forever permanently.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. If there ever was an ending that screamed Season 2, this would most definitely be it. Both Hae Soo and Wang Soo were alive at the show's end , with an eclipse happening just as Wang Soo realized that there is hope for them to be together again. This happens at about the same time that Hae Soo realized that she did not dream up the whole thing . Wang Soo vows to find his love even in another time and dimension and viewers are waiting for him to fulfill that promise.

Winter Sonata. Winter Sonata was one of the most successful and critically acclaimed Korean dramas of its time and still remains as one of the most tearjerking and memorable dramas for many of Kdrama fans. When the series ended, Yoo Jin found the love of her life Joon Sang but he was blind. They ended up together but it was bittersweet because of the tragedy. When the Korean version of the anime came out, it took pity on the fans and aired a special live action ending depicting the wedding of Joon Sang (Bae Young Jun) and Yoo Jin (Choi Ji Won), but there were still many questions left behind. Was Joon Sang not blind anymore? How did that happen? These are questions that a full season or a special could most definitely answer.

City Hunter. Don't fight us on this. Even Lee Min Ho acknowledged in an interview that there were still many questions that deserved some resolutions with regard to Yoon Sung and Kim Nana. Yoon Sung, at the end of the series also seemed to still harbor many personal conflicts, maybe even more so than the beginning. Could giving him a clean slate been a better direction to go? Could these issues be resolved by a second season? Anything is possible. Here's everything Kpopstarz knows about City Hunter Season 2.

Honorable Mention

Descendants of the Sun. The series ended on a pretty good note but fans still wanted more of the Song Song couple -- Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki's insane chemistry. The network is mulling the possibility of a sequel if only to thank the fans for their support but it seems that the issue may stem from the conflicting schedules of the lead stars. Here's everything Kpopstarz has on Descendants of the Sun 2.

While there are rumors that that networks are mulling second seasons of these shows like Winter Sonata and City Hunter, these only serve as testaments to the longevity and impact of these dramas. For the meantime, fans only need to keep their fingers crossed for it to happen and we'll keep you posted about the developments as they happen.

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