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GOT7 'Flight Log:Arrival' Album Now Available For Pre Order, Trailer Inspires Various Fan Theories

By Angie Chui | February 28, 2017 02:51 PM EST


GOT7 has just dropped the teaser MV for its "Flight Log: Arrival" album and it is blowing the minds of their fans who are more confused than ever as to what its real meaning is. They would have to wait for a few more days though before their questions are eventually answered with the album's release.

iGOT7, GOT7's official fandom members are already airing speculations and theories as to what the series of shots mean, SBS Pop Asia reported. The video initially shows Jinyoung stranded and barefoot on top of a snowy mountain looking dazed and confused. There is also a sequence showing him on top of a building, and then cutting to Jinyoung seemingly washed ashore.

There was also a scene of Jinyoung falling underwater and another of him being revived in a hospital room. There was also a scene of the rest of GOT7 playing on the snow, leading some fans to believe that they were mere figments of Jinyoung's memory and that they died in a tragedy.

While there were those that read the trailer negatively, there were also fans who took to twitter to share deeper theories. Some fans connected the trailer to previous trailers released by GOT7 and believe that Jinyoung was saved by the other members.

Other fans believe that after surviving the tragedy, Jinyoung still died in the end, rejoining the others who died before him. There were those who were holding out hope that Jinyoung and the rest of GOT7 survived and the symbolisms of death were mere representations of the internal struggles that Jinyoung had to go through to realize whether he wanted to live or give up.

While fans may have to wait until March 13 before "Flight Log: Arrival's" online and offline release. The boys do have something to tide fans over as they released the entire track list for the album, Soompi reported.

The album will have a total of eight tracks with the Title Track entitled "Never Ever." Other songs include "Shopping Mall", "Paradise," "Sign," "Go Higher," "Q," "Don't Care" and "Out."

GOT7 will also have a full schedule leading up to the actual release. The boys will have individual appearances before they perform as a group on March 10 and release the album on March 13. Based on GOT7's official Twitter account, the album is already available through pre order through for only 15,600 won. There is also a discounted price of 12,600 for eligible orders. 

They are also scheduled for an upcoming global fan meeting in Australia in April. For more on GOT7 and other Kpop news, visit Kpopstarz.

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