Brave Girls Release Teaser Clip For 'Rollin', Gets 19+ Rating For 'Inappropriate Attire"

After releasing teaser images of them on Feb. 28, Brave Girls has now released a teaser clip for "Rollin". "Rollin" will be the title track of their upcoming 4th mini album of the same title.

According to Soompi, Brave Girls released the teaser clip for the music video of "Rollin" on March 3 at midnight KST. "Rollin" is the title track of their upcoming 4th mini album of the same title to be released on March 7.

The MV teaser was, however, rated 19+. Apparently, the music video featured Brave Girls wearing "inappropriate attire."

KBS have also decided that "Rollin" is not fit for national broadcast. On March 2, the Korean Broadcasting Station has found out that some of the song's lyrics contained a vernacular term for the word "embarrassment".

KBS found the term to be "vulgar". Thus, leading to the station's decision that the song will not be permitted to broadcast nationally.

Brave Girls' "Rollin" may still broadcast though, provided that they change the song's lyrics. Until then, KBS will not allow the song to be performed by the group or broadcasted under the station's brand.

A source from Brave Girls' agency, Brave Entertainment, has then stated that the agency will revise the song's lyrics to meet KBS' standards. The agency then plans to re-evaluate the song afterwards.

As previously reported, Brave Girls released details for their official comeback. The girl group revealed an image that contained a schedule of their track listing, and MV teaser release.

According to the said schedule, Brave Girls will unveil the track listing for their mini album "Rollin" which they did yesterday, March 2. An MV teaser clip was then released today (March 3) at midnight KST.

The next Brave Girls MV teaser clip will be released on March 6. The album "Rollin" is slated to release on March 7 at midnight KST.  

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