Kevin Is Leaving U-KISS, Record Label; NH EMG Plans One Last Event With 6 U-KISS Members

Sad news for U-KISS fans, as Kevin Woo has confirmed that he is leaving the K-pop band to pursue a different path in his career. His label NH EMG has also announced that Kevin opted not to renew his contract when it ends this month. 

A report by All Kpop cited the statement made by NH EMG on the matter. According to the announcement, Kevin will no longer be managed by the label after March 2017 when his contract expires.

While there is still a month left before the contract ends, the label explained that they wanted to let the fans know in advance to prepare them for the transition. They praised Kevin for his excellent work ethic in the nine years that he has been a member of U-KISS and said they respect his wishes at this time and urged fans to support Kevin in his upcoming endeavor.

A small consolation for hard core fans of U-KISS is that NH EMG Is planning to hold a special event with Korean and Japanese fans for the last time with the complete set of U-KISS members. Details are still being ironed out about the event but the label promised to keep fans posted on the developments.

A report from Soompi quoted Kevin's letter to KISSMe, the official fandom of U-KISS wherein the singer shared his thought process before making the decision to pursue a different path. Kevin, in a handwritten letter he posted on the official U-KISS café said that the decision did not come easy for him and he had many sleepless nights mulling over the decision to leave the group that he loved so much.

He said that he is saddened that he could not stay with U-KISS until the end but he has discussed the matter extensively with both his bandmates and label before he decided to leave. Like NH EMG, Kevin urged the fans to continue supporting his brothers in U-KISS and vowed that he too, will continue to cheer them on.

"In order to repay the generous support and love that I have received, I will work hard to show a matured side to my fans," he said.  "I humbly ask that you continue to support me in the future. Thank you and I love you all."

Kevin has not yet released information on signing to another label. Neither Kevin nor the label has also confirmed what his next projects will be. 

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