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TWICE's Nayeon Was Recorded Fan-Girling Tayeon On 'Inkigayo' Backstage

By Siti Fatimah | March 06, 2017 10:45 AM EST


TWICE has just released their new song "Knock Knock." Coming back with mini album "Twice Coaster: Lane 2," the group has got some wins on music shows. Despite being idols everyone loves, it turns out they also idolize other artist.

As reported by AllKpop, Nayeon was the huge fan of Taeyeon. Nayeon along with other members were lip-syncing to Tayeon's performance when they were on backstage for "Inkigayo." The members were immersed in the song and they remembered the lyric really well.

As everyone knows, Taeyeon is a great solo singer with soft and powerful vocal. She shows a great success among other members of SNSD who go solo. There are many of her songs which become hits. Apparently, Naeyeon is not only the huge fan of Taeyeon. Bambam of GOT7 was also reported being a huge fan of Naeyeon.

Despite Nayeon, Sana is also a huge fan of Taeyeon. According to Koreaboo, she was captured by a camera to fan-girl over Taeyeon. On MBC event "Korean Music Wave," Sana with other members of TWICE was captured gazing at SNSD and bowed to them. They showed respect to their senior and their interaction was adorable.

It is natural that the girl group is fan-girling over other girl group as TWICE sees SNSD as their senior. Girls Generation has shown to be really successful having ten years of experience in music industry. Moreover, some members have gone to have solo debut. Their hard work can be a good example for TWICE.

Meanwhile, TWICE got their third wins on "Inkigayo" for their latest song "Knock Knock," according to Soompi. They have been getting first wins since their comeback with "Knock Knock." The MV also got new record with many views on YouTube.

TWICE's performance will be waited more by ONCE. Also, their reactions towards other idols will be anticipated a lot since they can show their cute true self fan-girling over other artists.

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