Most Successful Celebrity Diet Of 2017: Park Bo Young, AOA’s Seolhyun & Kang Sora Among Female Celebrities To Achieve Body Goals

It's not a secret that a lot of celebrities undergo extreme diet to have a beautiful body. However, these K-Pop celebrities prove that losing weight healthily is far better than applying extreme diet method.

Korea Boo has wrapped up a list of K-Pop celebrities that have successfully achieved their body goals this year.

1. Park Bo Young

Years ago, Park Bo Young might be famous for her chubby cheeks. But now, the lovely actress has emerged as one of the most beautiful artists in the entertainment industry. tvN's "Name List Reveal" shared that Park Bo Young reduced her meal portion as well as started doing core exercise to improve her health and maintain her shape.

2. Red Velvet's Joy

Joy revealed that she has applied all kinds of diet methods to gain body goals. She started dieting when she was a trainee of Red Velvet. However, the dieting method seemed not to give her any significant changes so she started to vary her exercise. It turns out that Joy's workout regimen combine with her healthy diet plan proved to be effective to shape her body.

3. AOA's Seolhyun

A lot of girls probably want to have a body shape like Seolhyun's. Her incredibly fit and healthy figure is a result of intense diet and immense self-control. Even though Seolhyun once revealed that she had a hard time fitting in with the trainees' diet method, she eventually gets the hang of it and began to include it in her diet plan. Seolhyun says she gave up high-calorie foods and maintained to keep tomatoes and fresh fruits as her snacks. She even hired a professional trainer to help her with her posture.

4. Kang So Ra

Kang So Ra reportedly has lost 20 kg with her new diet. The actress admitted that she's always mistaken as an athlete because of her fit and healthy figure. However, Kang So Ra has been very careful not to spill the secret of her new diet trick.

5. f(x)'s Luna

Luna has been very keen in various sports since she was just a kid. Besides working out, Luna reveals that the key to maintaining her shape is to be consistent on controlling daily intake levels. She also claims that green tea and lemon help her to maintain her digestion.

If you aspire to have a healthy and fit shape, then those five celebrities could be the best example to follow. So, are you ready to be healthier?



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