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Got7 Broke The Spell Of JYP Curse To Guess Correctly On 'I Can See Your Voice 4'

By Siti Fatimah | March 24, 2017 04:57 PM EDT


When JYP or JYP Entertainment artist came up on "I Can See Your Voice 4," they always guessed wrong and ended up having deaf tone singers. But this time, Got7 broke the curse by choosing the right singers with amazing voices.

Got7 has made some appearance on certain various shows for their "Never Ever" promotion. When they appeared on "I Can See Your Voice 4" which was aired Mar. 23, the members chose Shim Kyu Hyuk and Lee Dong Hoon as their final pick. The members then named them Got2.

It was a heart-dropping moment when the members were about to find out their real voices. Got2 then followed the members singing "If You Do" and their voices were really amazing, reported AllKpop.

Everyone in the studio was wowed by their voices. They had really good skills in singing and dancing. They even made a unity performance with six members of Got7. It was reported that Shim Kyu Hyuk was one oft the former backup dancer of BTS. There was no surprise that his dancing skill was on point. For Lee Dong Hoon, he is a 25-year-old trainee who has a very talented singing skill.

Guessing correctly, the members were so happy. Moreover, they were the first guests to guess the right singer in "I Can See Your Voice 4." It was not an easy job to find the right singer who was not deaf tone and the members once made a mistake by choosing a deaf tone singer who turned out to be a great singer. But at the end, they were happy to have the right singers for the final pick.

Gearing up with the promotion, GOT appeared in various music shows, radio shows, and some variety shows. The members recently made their appearance on "After School Club." They did really well when dancing two times faster for their new song "Never Ever," reported AllKpop. The group also did various missions pretty well. With their hard work, the group got their fourth win on Music Bank for their song "Never Ever," reported Soompi.

Meanwhile, everyone misses Jackson because he is the mood maker in the group. Also, he has a great talent on variety shows that can make everyone laugh. For ahgases who miss him, they will soon see him on Mar. 25.

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