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Armys Showed Loyalty By Giving Worldwide Trend Of #ArmysWillProtectJimin To Answer BTS's Jimin's Death Threats

By Siti Fatimah | March 27, 2017 09:34 AM EDT


BTS' fandom, ARMY, has been known to be so loyal to the group. It is proven by the success of BTS which is part of ARMY's support. Recently, ARMY showed their loyalty once more to make trending topic on Twitter to protect Jimin.

As BTS gains more popularity, there are some people who want to get attention using their name. It happened to Jimin who got the death threat from an anti fan. It was first started with the false rumor from an account about Jimin hating international fans. Another false rumor was about Jungkook sexually assaulted Brazillian fan.

The said account then said that it was all false rumors and that the person manipulated the images. But another Twitter account @AntiBTSAnti started to give death threats aiming for Jimin. The user gave more details and showed a picture of gun. The person also stated the accomplices to take the death threat seriously. After having the death threats, then armys all over the country used hastag #ArmysWillProtectJimin and it became world trending tweet, reported AllKpop.

After deep search, it turned out that the gun image taken from French blog and the account user just wanted to gain attention through BTS. Thankfully, it was not a real threat. For Jimin, he was happy having loyal fans around the world who always support him.

Meanwhile, BTS's new songs "Not Today" and "Spring Day" have brought the members into more fame. The MV hit many views, breaking the group's previous record. Also, the album selling was really good. Their current album "WINGS: You Never Walk Alone" was sold for 710,000 copies for February, reported SBS.

Setting new milestone, the group is ready to take over international fans to be loyal for them. As for Jimin, he will always be loved and protected by armys from all over the world.

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