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What Happened During HyunA's 'The Queen's Back' 2017 Tour

By Staff Writer | March 30, 2017 10:59 AM EDT


HyunA has just been in one of the most successful concert tours of her career, "The Queen's Back" 2017 Tour. It was held in The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.

Everything went on smoothly except for the slight delay due to some technical difficulties that transpired before the concert kicked off. However, it wasn't enough to stop HyunA from her tracks.

The venue's doors were opened by 6pm. However, avid fans went way earlier than that to ensure that they get a clear spot to view their idol, HyunA. Meanwhile, KpopMe spiced up the pre-concert activities by having activities for the fans that are patiently standing in line.

And when the concert finally kicked off, the doors opened and were heavily met by a storming crowd of fans who immediately sat down. Unfortunately, not all of them were able to sit on the chairs, which is why most of the viewers sat down on the floor.

Daniel Shim who is best known as Shimmu CocoPuffs in YouTube was the one who got to work on the introduction. He also successfully managed to keep the crowd lit and fired up as the technical difficulties were happening.

The Queen HyunA followed up the introduction with a fired up performance of "Ice Cream," which successfully had the fans screaming for more. According to Officially K Music, HyunA, together with her backup dancers, threw out to the crowd bracelets and roses. This further invigorated the fans.

Surely, it was one of the most energetic, vibrant, and pumped up concerts that HyunA had in a while. With a little slice of life from her supporters and the other icons in the concert, she easily nailed her "The Queen's Back" 2017 Tour. Let's hope that there will be more concert tours like this to come in the next months and years.

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