Oh My Girl’s JinE Lets Fans Know About Her Condition In The Sweetest Way

JinE recently gives an update on her recovery progress to fans on Oh My Girl's official website. The idol who halts all of her group's activity due to anorexia wrote a handwritten letter along with her recent photos to let fans know that she's doing fine.

On the special letter JinE sent to Miracle (Oh My Girl's fans), she expresses her gratitude to every fan that has been supporting her ever since she was diagnosed with anorexia. According to Soompi, JinE wanted to inform fans about her condition in the most meaningful way to prove that she's recovering from her eating disorder.

JinEwrote that she went to Mangridan street where there are food vendors in all over the area. She came by to check out the foods and took a photo of her ready to devour a hamburger and a bowl of French fries, Korea Herald reported.

JinE also expresses her excitement for Oh My Girl's comeback and how she wants to join performing on stage with the girls soon. To conclude her sweetest message to fans, JinE once again tells fans how they mean a lot to her, as well as thanking them for their endless supports in her recovery.

Back in 2015 JinE was diagnosed with anorexia. She opened up about her struggle combating anorexia on a special interview with TVReport. During the broadcast, JinE revealed how stressful it was to go on a strict diet. She also confessed that one of the reasons why she starved herself was because she wanted to look great for Oh My Girl's promotion. But then, JinE became more stressful as she discovered a photo showing her body had changed a lot but not in a good way.

Oh My Girl's agency, WM Entertainment, has announced last month that JinE will not be returning for another couple of months for the group's promotion. JinE is now staying in her hometown, Pohang, with her parents to help her speed up the recovery. 

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