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'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Actors Lee Min Ho And Jun Ji Hyun Tandem Ready For The Newest Sequel; Suzy Bae Got Frustrated Calls Relationship With Lee Min Ho A Quits?

By Kate S. | April 19, 2017 04:13 AM EDT


"The Legends of the Blue Sea" is one of the hottest television series that lasted for a couple of months of which we can't really deny the fame of the said television series and people all over are talking about the possibility of filming "The Legends of the Blue Sea Season 2".

Yet again, it has been rumored that the boyfriend of Suzy Bae has been receiving countless of approval and pushing that Lee Min Ho should start shooting for the newest season. The producer of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" Jin Hyuk stated that the leading man of Jun Ji Hyun has grown a lot as an actor and that he did a great job portraying his character. 

Jin Hyuk also added that Lee Min Ho is extremely good at concentrating and he can say that he has grown from a star to a real actor, considering the way he would give it his all despite the cold weather and would carefully monitor his acting.

Because of the said appraisal from the producer itself, the fans are speculating that there is really a possibility that "The Legends of the Blue Sea Season 2" will definitely be pushed through this year following the last episode. 

Although, the leading lady of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" Jun Ji Hyun said that she is really having a hard time working with Lee Min Ho at one point and it is quite obvious that they are not comfortable with each other, hinting that this could be the last project that they will be paired together.

But there's a twist that is also speculating that the lead stars of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" had a secret trip together and Suzy Bae was caught off guard and got really frustrated about the said trip which is why she decided to call it a quits.

Then and there, speculations everywhere, however, we should still wait for the legitimate confirmation and announcement for the different rumors that went viral all over the internet. Possible or not, we cannot deny that both parties have reasons to share, and we should definitely wait for that. 

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