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BTS Reveals Surprising Secrets In Interview

By Staff Writer | April 18, 2017 08:49 AM EDT


Just recently, the hit K-pop boy group, BTS, revealed some of the most surprising secrets they have during an interview.  The information that they revealed were usually unknown to fans, as it dealt more on how they personally went on with their personal lives.

According to Korea Portal, an interview was held with BTS to juice out and dig deeper into the true personality of the boy group. One of the highlights of the interview held by Chung Hyeong was with Rap Monster.

In the interview, Rap Monster reveals that he wanted to display his love not only to his fans, but to the reporters who covers news about them. He continues to say that if ever BTS managed to go to America, then he will surely welcome several media and news people wholeheartedly.

It has also been revealed that the secret to the talent and popularity of the boy group is their innate nature of passion in music. This is what also makes them happy with what they are doing.

Meanwhile, it is also surprising to know that BTS confirms that they have a unique style to answering controversial issues that are thrown at them. Despite the fact that these are controversial issues they have to face, they don't really take it negatively.

One of the most surprising revelations was that BTS' Rap Monster even has his own resources booklet. He says that it is his cheat book, and he uses it as a reference to prepare himself on whatever lies ahead of him.

Finally, one can clearly see that BTS indeed has a big heart for all of their fans, and even the news media. Unlike other K-pop idols, they always manage to spend time answering even the most controversial issues, as it is a way for them to show gratitude for the support of their fans. Truly, BTS is one of a kind.

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