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Seven Villain Characters Who Got Much Attention From K-Drama Lovers

By Siti Fatimah | April 19, 2017 01:17 PM EDT


The role of villain is significant in K-dramas. Having a antagonist character, the story can have a nice flow well. Some villains in dramas can get much attention from the viewers. Their great acting and nice role can make viewers love them more.

Reported by Soompi, the first villain who got much attention was Lee Jae Wook in "Blood." He played protagonist role in this drama. But towards the end of the drama, the reasons for his action were revealed and he got much sympathy from the viewers.

The second villain was Queen Ji So in "Hwarang." She got much attention for her role in trying to protect her son, country, and her love. Even though at the end, she had to end up dying, but she had done her best to protect everyone that she loved.

Another villain was Gwi from "Scholar Who Walks the Night." Lee Soo Hyuk played his character really well in this drama. Playing villains many times in a drama, his acting has been improved a lot. Another villain who got much attention was Lee Ji Hoon. Playing in a drama "Legends of the Blue Sea," people complimented his acting as he could portray the character really well, Kpopstarz reported.

Another list, Lee Jae Kyung from drama "My Love from the Star" stole the attention of public by his strong stare. He was really perfect to act as a villain to get much hate from the viewers. KI Jae Myung on "Pinocchio" was also added in the list for his memorable villain character. Although playing as a villain, he got much sympathy from a deep story behind his act, FunCurve reported.

Not to forget with memorable drama "Boys before Flower," Kang Hee Soo got much attention for her role as Gu Jun Pyo's mother. Showing no mercy even for his son, her character got much attention from the viewers.

Those seven villains might remain unforgettable for the viewers. But you might have your own memorable villains in K-dramas. The role as a villain has completed the story in K-drama to make it a full complete story.

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