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How Taeyeon Maintains Her Natural Beauty Over The Years Is Priceless: Girls’ Generation Leader Still Looks Sexy Without Showing Some Skin

By Inami | April 21, 2017 05:29 AM EDT


Taeyeon is nothing but the queen in the K-Pop industry. The Girls' Generation frontwoman is known not only for her incredible musical talent. Her natural beauty is one of the things that could easily make everyone falls in love with her. But, how does the singer can still ace a sexy look without even showing some skin?

Most of the people might think that to be sexy, one must wear some revealing outfits that could display the body figure. However, Taeyeon is apparently not in the majority. Her recent pictures for the latest music video "I Got Love" proves that she still looks incredibly gorgeous with an elegant black dress while she's singing her heart out.

Not only does Taeyeon look better in everything she wears, her natural makeup is another thing that makes people adores her even more. Korea Portal mentioned that the Girls' Generation member has multiple times caught wearing casual outfits in confidence as if she's trying to send a message that a girl doesn't need anything too dandy just to look comfortable in her own skin.

Meanwhile, there's one thing that seems to drastically change from Taeyeon. When she debuted with Girls' Generation, Taeyeon looked all cute with her chubby cheeks that could display her baby face. However, her face has dramatically thinned out over the years, thanks to her diet plan and exercise she's been doing with her girl group.

Nonetheless, Taeyeon's natural beauty hasn't even changed now that she gets skinnier. With her diet, Taeyeon has lost some baby fat in her cheeks and now she has the perfect V-line shape that so many people aspire to.

Taeyeon is set to collaborate with SHINee's Jonghyun in his new, self-composing solo album. The two idols are singing a duet on a track titled "Lonely" that tells a story about the loneliness the two lovers feel even when they're together. You can see how Taeyeon and Jonghyun singing as two lovers upon its release on April 24.

Watch Taeyeon's "I Got Love" below!

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