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Sad Story Of 'Produce 101' Season 2 Kim Yong Jin Getting Lack Of Screen Time

By Siti Fatimah | April 23, 2017 12:56 AM EDT


K-Pop is a big industry in Korea. Nowadays, many more youngsters want to be a K-Pop star. But it is not always easy to be one. Kim Yong Jin is one of many trainees who want to be an idol. Being in "Produce 101" with many competitors, his parents helped him to be known more.

Kim Yong Jin's parents were seen handed out flyers for his son so that people would vote for him. They did it because he got really short screen time, AllKpop reported. Among 98 contestants, it is hard to have much screen time. The contestant must stand out among others to be able to get more attention.

The flyers of Kim Yong Jin were given on Apr. 14. He ranked 84th out of 98 trainees in "Produce 101" season 2. It was so sad seeing his parents needed to step up for hi son's fame. Many netizens started to sympathize of him because of his lacking on screen time.

Kim Yong Jin was also feeling sad about the situation. He hoped to have more screen time in the next episode. Through his facebook, he wrote that he was sad and felt sorry for his family. But he also thanked people who voted for him as he could get 84th position among 98 contestants.

Kim Yong Jin is the former member of Underdog. Born in 1997, he is currently under Wings Entertainment, Soompi reported. Having lack of screen time, Kim Yong Jin was crying when he was caught on camera in behind-the scene footage, Soompi reported.

It was so sad having him got low rank as his parents have tried their best to support him. But as the competition is really fierce, it is also a matter of luck to rank the top 11 in the show. With the upcoming episodes, Kim Yong Jin and his parents hope to have more screen time.

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