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Hong Hyun Hee's Blackface Comedy Controversy: SBS Apologizes In Answer Of Critiques From International Viewers

By Siti Fatimah | April 23, 2017 01:21 AM EDT


The blackface comedy is something which is so sensitive. It is considered rude to mock people just because of their complexion. This is what happens to Hong Hyun Hee when she was doing blackface comedy on a show.

In the SBS comedy show "People Searching for Laughter" aired on Apr. 19, Hong Hyun Hee had her appearance having makeup with dark skin and wore Native American Headdress as well. Due to her appearance, international viewers critiqued her a lot, AllKpop reported.

It is considered rude to differentiate people due to their complexion. Moreover, Heng Hyun Hee even wore the certain headdress to point certain area. Thus, people were mad at his comedy. The video got 1,900 dislikes on Apr. 21.

Many international viewers have demanded for apology from SBS. They expressed their anger through the comments section on YouTube and also on Twitter, Soompi reported. Sam Hammington, one of celebrity in Korea from Australia also expressed his anger, saying that Hong Hyun Hee was pathetic for doing blackface comedy, AllKpop reported.

Thankfully, SBS responded fast. They made the official statement, saying sorry for not carefully checking out the content of the comedy. They also promised that such an act would never happen again in the future, AllKpop reported.

The apology has been said. But still, many people are angry at SBS since this is not the first time the TV channel did the controversy skit. As the blackface is a sensitive case, it will be wise to have another topic for doing comedy. Many people in Twitter and YouTube still express their anger and they feel disgusted to see such comedy.

This controversy can be used as learning for SBS to check more of their content. Also, for the comedian, it will be to wise to learn the content first before deciding to have one. The comedy doesn't need to be rude or upset certain people. Having long thought before deciding a topic can be good for a better result.

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