Popular Korean Girl Group TWICE Shows Appreciation And Asks For Continued Support At TWICELAND Press Conference In Singapore!

By iReporter Team | May 04, 2017 10:38 PM EDT


TWICE was Singapore for the first time for their maiden tour, TWICELAND.

The nine membered group, consisting of Jihyo, Nayeon, Jungyeon, Chaeyeon, Dahyun, Momo, Sana, Mina and Tzuyu, held a press conference on 28th of April before leaving for their photo session with fans at the Star Vista.

The girls entered the stage enthusiastically, starting off with posing for the media before cutely greeted the media with bright faces, introducing themselves in English individually, and then doing their signature group cheer.

The session continued on with the emcee opening a section for the media to ask their questions.

Here's what we learned:

Nayeon excitedly mentioned that they were looking forward to meeting Singapore ONCE as it was their very first time here and that they have a lot of special stages and concepts prepared for tomorrow! Is that perhaps a hint for us? Dahyun expressed her thanks at all the love they've received from the fan and public, allowing them to be what they are today.

TWICE shared their thoughts on their general appeal to fans were their high and bright energy that was unique to TWICE along with how natural they were on stage, where they are still themselves.

To relieve stress, the girls like to have supper together often, and on certain occasions, light up the mirrorball in their dorm to dance and have fun! We're sure fans would love to see that. They also chose the song, 'One in A Million', as one they really love to perform together. They express that they are able to see the fans cheering them on and are able to get very good energy from ONCE.

Apparently, the girl's early arrival in Singapore on the 27th was put to good use, as they went to try the Singapore special - Chili Crab. When asked about other foods, youngest member Tzuyu cutely mentioned in Chinese, expressing the want trying Hainan Chicken Rice! The emcee asked whether besides the chicken rice what else they've heard about our local delights and the girls brought up the kaya toast before the emcee went on to introduce them to the names of several specials.

When asked what they felt was their happiest moment since the start of the year, they replied to as being too many to pinpoint. However, they went on to further describe certain events such as how they're really happy that they got to visit other countries such as Thailand and now, Singapore. They also mentioned about going to award shows last year, where they felt exhilarated and honored that they were awarded won 'Song of the Year'.  Member also mentioned that the official announcement of their fan club really stood out amongst the good moments.

Their ending message to fans and media was, "TWICE will never stop going out across the world to meet more fans and people, so please do continue looking out for us and please continue supporting us. We're looking forward to being able to speak some English for our next visit here!"

Lastly, member Tzuyu added, addressing the media and sending all our hearts fluttering, "Thank you for coming down to meet us. Please give us lots of love!"

If you're heading down to the concert, do enjoy, as this is definitely a One in A Million chance! Limited $168 tickets are available. 

Special thanks to One Production for inviting to cover TWICE 1ST WORLD TOUR "TWICELAND" - THE OPENING IN SINGAPORE MEDIA PRESS CONFERENCE. 

Writer: Mabel Liang | Photo Credits: Ong Melin

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