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Park Hyung Sik & Park Bo Young Dating: 4 Signs That The 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' Couple Are Dating For Real

By Angie Chui | May 03, 2017 10:54 AM EDT


Will Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young be the next on-screen couple to admit their relationship in real life? Since the ending of the beloved JTBC romantic comedy "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon", shippers have been closely observing the behavior of the two actors to find out whether they are dating in real life.

While there has been no confirmation on the part of either Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young, fans may actually be on to something. Kpopstarz compiles the hints that the pair may be ready to embark on a real-life romance.

They genuinely liked each other even before the drama. When asked about why he signed up for "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon", Park Hyung Sik said that one of the main reasons that he joined the cast was his leading lady Park Bo Young. The actor said that he felt that he would be a fool to pass up the opportunity to work with the "Oh My Ghost" actress. For her part, Park Bo Young admitted that she has had her eye on Park Hyung Sik since his ZE:A days. She said that she has been following the group and know the titles to all their songs.

They're the reflections of each other's ideal. Park Bo Young once said in an interview that she wants someone whom she can communicate well. Park Hyung Sik, in a recent interview, said that he wanted someone that he could protect and someone who is passionate about her work.

They love each other. Park Hyung Sik is all praises for Park Bo Young's acting and professionalism on set but he said that what draws people to fall in love with her is her unique aura which he describes as "all hearts." In turn, Park Bo Young said Park Hyung Sik has natural aegyo (cuteness) that made her super comfortable with him from the beginning. She also said that he always makes her laugh on set, especially when he sings his lines to her during rehearsal or when he dances the choreography of ZE:A songs behind the scenes.

Park Hyung Sik takes care of Park Bo Young. In a recent travel event in Singapore, Park Hyung Sik showed his chivalrous side when he readily switched seats with Park Bo Young after he saw that her seat was too high for her to be comfortable with. The "Hwarang" star also made sure to request for a blanket so that Park Bo Young could cover her legs since she was wearing a skirt.

While fans have begun to ship Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young to date in real life because of the strong chemistry they witnessed on screen. However, based on recent interviews and events, it seems that the pair has truly developed a great friendship and a unique bond which could well serve as a basis for a successful romance. For now, only time will tell if they will follow the lead of BokJoon couple Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Kyung Sung. 

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