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Yoon Ji Sung From 'Produce 101' Changes His Instagram Account Into Private After Getting Hate Comments

By Siti Fatimah | May 08, 2017 02:37 PM EDT


Yoon Ji Sung is one of the trainees in 'Produce 101' season two. He is known for his funny expression among others. In the first episode, he started in the 35th place but then in the recent episode, he got the third place. He then got many hate comments on his Instagram because netizens didn't believe with his points.

Yoon Ji Sung is a trainee from MMO Entertainment. He is known to have a great talent in singing and dancing. But everyone knows him for his funny expressions. He recently turned his Instagram account into private after getting many hate comments from netizens.

At first, Yoon Ji Sung started in the 35th place. Then, in the second episode, he rose into 19th place. In the third episode, he rose again into ninth place. It was such a big success for him to always rise. Then, in the group battle, he did really well and in the fifth episode, he got the third place.

Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with the result got by Yoon Ji Sung. Many netizens didn't believe the result as he could beat Lee Daewhi and Ahn Hyung Seop. Lee Dae Hwi is known to be the center of the song "Pick Me." With his great skill, Lee Daehwi could earn the center and he often ranked the top two in early episodes.

When netizens didn't believe the result, they accused Mnet of boosting Yoon Ji Sung's points. They left many hate comments on Yoon Ji Sung's Instagram account to show their anger. As a result, Yoon Ji Sung had turned his Instagram into private in order to avoid getting more hate comments, AllKpop reported.

Besides having great skills in singing and dancing, Yoon Ji Sung also has a handsome face. People often think that he looks alike with Jinwoon, ex-member of 2 AM, Soompi reported. With his hard working and nice personality, many people root for him.

Yoon Ji Sung is still on his way to achieving his dream to debut as an idol. Yoon Ji Sung has succeeded rising his position into third place. If he does great again in the next episode, he can maintain his position or even rise up. We can see the result when the sixth episode airs.

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