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Top 11 'Produce 101' Season Two Episode Six Showing Major Changes In Rank

By Siti Fatimah | May 15, 2017 06:02 PM EDT


The competition is heating up on "Produce 101" season two. In the sixth episode, the boys had a position battle in rap, dance, and vocal. Finally, the new top 11 was revealed and there were some changes in the position.

There have been major changes in the rankings of the top 11 of "Produce 101." In the sixth episode, the boys were put in a team based on their capability. There are three main teams for rap, vocal, and dance position.

After the voting throughout the broadcast this week, NU'EST's member, Kim Jong Hyun took the first place. Netizens were surprised because in the previous episodes Park Ji Hoon, the wink boy, always received the first place, AllKpop reported.

In the second place, there was Kang Daniel from MMO Entertainment. Even though there was a controversy because he was caught cheating, but he received much attention from his hard work. He already got his penalty for his cheating and it didn't really affect his voting.

In the third place, Park Ji Hoon took the position. He dropped two spots from his previous rank. In the fourth place, there was NU'EST's member, Hwang Min Hyun, from Pladis Entertainment. In the fourth place, Lai Guan Lin took this position with his strong rap and fierce gaze. Lai Guan Lin gets so much attention for his handsome looks. Even he's already had sasaeng fans as he was followed around by some girls when he was out of the building, Koreaboo reported.

In the sixth place, there was Ong Sung Woong from Fantagio. In the seventh place, there was Kim Jae Hwan. In the eighth place, there was NU'EST's member again, Kang Dong Ho. He got much attention for his manly look. In the ninth place, there was Joo Hak Nyun from Cre-Ker Entertainment.

In the tenth place, there was Lee Daewhi. It was surprising that he dropped his position because he showed much potential in this show. He was previously chosen as the center in "Pick Me." In the eleventh place, there was another trainee from Cube Entertainment, Yoo Seon Ho. He received much love for his cute image and talent in singing.

With the new rankings for top 11, some were surprised but some were happy with the result. Many of Samuel's fans were sad that he dropped his position into seventeenth place. He was previously in the second place and he had to be out of the top 11 in the sixth episode.

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