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Kyuhyun Has Officially Started His Military Service

By Siti Fatimah | May 25, 2017 05:22 PM EDT


Kyuhyun finally started his military service on May 25 and he entered training camp at the Nonsan Army Training Center. It is reported that he will receive training in four weeks before starting his army duty as the social service worker.

Leaving for army duty, Kyuhyun's fans were spotted waiting at the entrance of the training center. His fans left a message for him that they ill wait until he finishes his army duty. They also added that they will be fine because they have his music, Soompi reported.

Kyuhyun has given a special gift for his fans before beginning his army duty. He released a song "Goodbye for now" on May 24 and the song is a ballad song about a man who wants to get back to his past love, AllKpop reported.

Kyuhyun is known for his sweet voice perfect for ballad song among other members. He nailed the song "Goodbye for now" really well and it felt really special for his fans as his last song right before his enlistment.

Kyuhyun will serve for army duty in two years and his fans will not be able to see him on screen. Kyuhyun made his solo debut in 2014 with an album "At Gwanghwamun" and he received a perfect all-kill in 12 hours after the release. He has released some hit songs and also held some concerts.

Besides being known for his great skill in singing, Kyuhyun is also known for his talent in hosting. He has hosted many shows and he led the show really well. He got close with other hosts really and did well on the show. It is no surprise that he often got praised by the PD of the show.

After Kyuhyun's enlistment, the show that he hosted had tried to find his replacement. He will be missed by his fans for his appearance on some shows and on stage. Kyuhyun will be discharged from military service after finishing his army duty in two years.

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