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Suzy Bae Gets Drunk on Recent 'Off The Record' Episode: More Rumors of Suzy and BF Lee Min Ho 'Split' In The Air

By Eddwyn A. | May 29, 2017 06:12 AM EDT


Suzy Bae went on a girl's night out on the recent episode of "Off The Record." During which, Suzy got a bit drunk and revealed a variety of things.

As reported by Korea Portal, Suzy Bae caught up recently with 3 of her close friends on "Off The Record." Suzy and her friends decided to go on a girl's night out.

Previously, Suzy once revealed that her alcohol tolerance was low. According to her, she can only finish a bottle and a half of soju before being intoxicated.

This time, however, Suzy stated how she can bring down 2 bottles of soju. She even bragged how she will be able to finish the bottles without even turning red.

"My face won't turn red," said Suzy Bae. "It will look like I didn't drink a sip when I've actually drunk the most."

Unfortunately, alcohol got the best of Suzy and made her drunk. As soon as she admitted to being drunk, Suzy's friends decided to have a little game of "Truth or Dare."

The game was modified - Suzy has to answer questions honestly. She ultimately has the option, to tell the truth, or drink a shot of soju instead.

Friends of Suzy first asked her when she had her last kiss. Suzy did not answer and opted to take a shot of soju instead.

However, Suzy's friends really wanted to get a drunken confession from the actress. Her friends then proceeded to ask regarding Suzy's first kiss.

Suzy then revealed that her first kiss was on the set of "Dream High". Unfortunately, her friends did not believe Suzy and forced her to have another shot.

In other news, more rumors of Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho split are currently in the air. This comes after Lee Mon Ho's recent enlistment in the military.

According to Celebeat, Lee Min Ho's two-year service in the military is too much for Suzy to handle. Hence, the rumors of them split up.

However, Suzy's agency JYP Entertainment has denied the rumors. Suzy hasn't also released a statement regarding the matter.

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