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Brand New Music Will Take Legal Actions For The Malicious Comments Against Their Trainees On 'Produce 101'

By Siti Fatimah | June 06, 2017 11:32 AM EDT


Brand New Music artists who join "Produce 101" season two received some malicious comments on online and the company tried to protect them. They announced that they will take legal actions against the malicious commenters on their artists.

The CEO of Brand New Music, Rhymer Kim, made his statement on Jun. 5 about taking legal action against malicious comments. The trainees joining "Produce 101" season two are Park Woo Jin, Lee Dae Hwi, Kim Dong Hyun, and Lim Young Min. Stating his plan to protect the artists, Rhymer Kim also thanked fans who always support his artists on the program, AllKpop reported.

Previously, Lee Dae Whi received some malicious comments stating that he was ugly even though he was picked as the center on "Pick Me." Instead of being upset, he stayed strong and keep practicing hard to earn the spot in the top 11. He could maintain his position by being in the top 20 and he did really well on his performance.

Meanwhile, Park Woo Jin was just hospitalized for fever and pain, diagnosed as shingles on May 28, Soompi reported. He was resting and receiving treatment and he could perform well on "Never" team showing his rapping and dancing skills. Netizens pointed out Park Woo Jin for showing great talents and having a nice personality.

Meanwhile, the next episode of "Produce 101" season two will reveal the rankings of the remaining trainees as a result of the concept battle. One team just received huge additional points for winning the concept battle and their rank will climb up for sure. For the other team, they need to rely on onsite and online votes to earn the spot in the top 11 to have a chance to debut in a permanent boy group.

The 35 trainees will also have a special concert and they will perform as a group to showcase their talents to the viewers. It is reported that tickets for the special concert already sold out only within two minutes after its opening.

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