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Nam Tae Hyun Shared A Picture Of Him Receiving Makeup From Sulli

By Siti Fatimah | June 06, 2017 01:38 PM EDT


Nam Tae Hyun just shared a picture on his Instagram, showing him receiving makeup from Sulli. Sulli and Nam Ta Hyun have been friends for some time and the two seem pretty close.

Nam Ta Hyun shared his picture receiving makeup from Sulli on Jun. 5 and he wrote a caption "Please take care of me." Sulli and Nam Tae Hyun were born in the same year and they were captured hanging out together in January 2017. The two showed their close relationship by helping each other and supporting each other, AllKpop reported.

On the picture, Sulli was looking busy applying eye shadow for Nam Ta Hyun and she looked really focus. Even though the picture is in black and white, netizens can point out that the two of them are really close friends.

Nam Tae Hyun is busy creating music with his own band after leaving YG Entertainment and WINNER. He decided to take his own path because he had different taste in music compared to other members in WINNER.

Meanwhile, Sulli was chosen as one of the leads in movie "Real" together with Sung Dong Il and Kim Soo Hyun. Recently, Sung Dong Il criticized Sulli for being late to the press conference and called her unprofessional, Koreaboo reported.

Sulli wanted to try three different dresses before deciding to have one because it was her first appearance in public after some time. Yet, she didn't come earlier to pick her dress and as a result, she was late for the press conference. It was considered rude because there were other experienced actors waiting for her for the press conference.

She was supposed to come on time as she was still a rookie in acting, but instead, she came late. Plus, she answered the questions about the movie in a joke and made everyone a bit mad at her. Knowing this, many netizens asked Sulli to reflect on her action and do a more professional job next time.

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