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Moon Hee Jun And Sulli Topped The Survey For Having Fans Turned Into Antis

By Siti Fatimah | June 08, 2017 12:27 PM EDT


Exciting DC just held a survey about fans who turned into antis and Moon Hee Jun and Sulli were in the top positions. Moon Hee Jun received 40.6% votes and Sulli received 14.4% votes which made them above other artists.

Below Sulli, there were Eric from Shinhwa with 14.6%, Yoochun with 1.7%, Hyunseung with 4.6%, Kangin with 2.9%, Jessica with 2.8%, Sungmin with 2.6%, and Nam Tae Hyun with 2.0%, AllKpop reported. Moon Hee Jun received much hate from his fans because he was lying in public about his baby and he did a gunshot wedding with Soyul Crayon Pop. Recently, he was boycotted by his fans because they were disappointed by his actions.

Moon Hee Jun apologized to his fans for his actions but many fans were still mad at him, Soompi reported. They were disappointed not because of the gunshot wedding, but because he was lying about it. They said that it was just fine to have a gunshot wedding in 2017 but the way he lied to public and fans was unacceptable.

Sulli received the second place who received many votes for having fans who turned into antis because she often showed unprofessionalism on work. Also, she often showed controversial posts of her wearing braless outfits on her Instagram.

Recently, Sulli received a critique from her senior actor because she was late at the press conference for movie "Real." She was confused to choose one dress among the three dresses she brought and it made her late. Sulli wanted to appear prettily because it was her first time in public after some time. But, she didn't come earlier to prepare everything and made other people waited for her.

Many people commented on Sulli's action by saying she was really unprofessional at work and showed disrespect toward senior actor. Some fans keep on rooting for Sulli but they also hope that she can grow up and learn to respect her work and other people more.

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