Nicky Park Will Release A Digital Single 'Fly High' As His Solo Debut

Nicky Park is about to make his solo debut in Korea by releasing a digital single "Fly High." He composed the song by himself and it was inspired by his fans who sent their concerns on his social media fan base.

Nicky Park was born in 1992 and he is a social media guru who is fluent in English after studying in Malaysia and United States. He is known for his friendly and easy going personality and his debut is anticipated a lot. Nicky Park will release a digital single "Fly High" to give positive vibes to his followers to keep on pursuing their dreams, AllKpop reported.

It will be something new to have a digital single composed by Nicky Park himself. Previously, Nicky Park was a trainee but he didn't reveal his company because he said it was said in his contract. Also, he was supposed to debut with a boy group VX but he didn't make it, One Hallyu reported. There was no specific reason for it and the company also didn't give an official statement about Nicky Park.

Nicky Park's handsome face makes him really pretty and even many people may think that he is a woman. His flower boy image will help him a lot on his solo debut as he has already got many followers on his social media.

There was a controversy about Nicky Park's story in VX group because his picture was like edited to be among the five members. But as there was no official statement from the company, people were left only with suspicion. Nicky Park's solo debut is planned to be released in June as he posted the information on his official Instagram account.

Nicky Park often shows his pretty face on his Instagram and releasing a digital single will be something new for his followers. Many of his followers directly responded to his post saying that they cannot wait to hear "Fly High" soon.

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