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Angered Fan Threatened To Murder TWICE's Mina

By Noli Teves | June 20, 2017 10:48 AM EDT


TWICE's Mina has just experienced one of the most terrifying moments of her life as she received a surprising death threat from a user coming from the Ilbe community. The user says that he or she wanted to kill Mina for some reason.

The user posted something in the community and entitled it as "Mina I've got a knife." In the post, the user posted another photo that shows that she is going to slit her wrist through the use of the knife that he or she is holding.

The person then posted statement in the internet Korean community saying to Mina that she should she should slap his boyfriend and rip his mouth off so that the user wouldn't continue killing her. It was indeed a very serious death threat which is why Mina can't help but feel terrified about what happened to her.

According to Koreaboo, the possible reason behind this might be due to the photo scandal that Mina have had together with GOT7's Bam Bam. This photo scandal happened a few months back.

The photo scandal which showed Mina together with Bam Bam in a bed had caused Bam Bam's fans to go to a rage. However, there is evidence that the photos were just photoshopped. The things that  prove that it might be fake is when another photo of Bam Bam was posted. This photo had his same gesture and pose, but he was standing in a public place together with someone else.

According to the same publication, the management company of TWICE's Mina, JYP Entertainment, has already decided to sue the person that tried to kill Mina as this is a very serious offense that endangers the welfare of their artist that is heavily valued.

Hopefully, TWICE's Mina will get the peace of mind that she deserves as her company is doing the best of what they can to secure her welfare.

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