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When K-Pop Idols Made Shocking & Offensive Comments

By Chaeil Lee | June 15, 2017 07:14 PM EDT


K-Pop idols aren't always pure angels. Sometimes they didn't think twice and said some commentary that definitely received some backlash. Whether they meant it or not, there have been many moments that idols said something a little inappropriate or out-of-place. Check out the idols who shocked us all with their words!


The rapper was caught saying the "N Word" on a live episode of Gurupop.


CAP was questioned about the way he would rear his children when he shockingly stated that if his daughter "is too beautiful, I'll lock her up and beat her."


The baddest female had many shocked with her response to an interview qwith 'Paper Magazine.' "I think a lot of the young kids right now are looking for something new, and they want to look different. Especially girls, and this is why I'm trying to come out here - to set an example of an Asian girl. A lot of Asian girls love being basic because it's safe. But the thing is, a lot of my fans are those girls, and they want to be bolder, but there's no one they could look up to and be like, 'It's OK to be that way.'"


Block B's rapper Zico didn't think his innocent joke would go a long way and rub people the wrong way at that. He even shaved his head as a sign of apology.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon struck the wrong cord with international fans when she stated Alicia Keyes was "Pretty for a black girl."

Jay Park

We all know Jay Park said some regretful things in the past. His comment about Korean and the Korean culture being "Whack and Gay" cost him his position as leader of boy group 2PM.

Girl's Day Yura

The lovely Yura of Girl's Day caught us all off gaurd when she stated she would only date "True Koreans" on a dating show called 'We Are Dating.'

SPEED Taewoon

The boy member left a tweet that was a bit uncalled for in regards to Ladies' Code members Eun.B and RiSe. He stated that we shouldn't be suddenly taking interest in the girl group and raising their song to the top of the charts due to their death as it is unfair to current performing artists.

Super Junior Shin Dong

While being a bit overweight himself, Shin Dong made a rather insensitive comment saying, "If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight. Lose some weight, why can't you take care of yourself. When I say this, the person might think, 'Look who's talking,' but I would reply, 'I'm a boy and you're a girl."


This time, Kai was the subject of the problem as many K-Pop groups have a tendancy of making fun of dark-skinned members.

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