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Truth Behind Shaquille O'Neal's Romantic Proposal To f(X)'s Victoria

By Noli Teves | June 16, 2017 09:48 AM EDT


Shaquille O'Neal has shocked the world as he has recently made a very surprising appearance in a popular Chinese TV program. The NBA legend appeared in an episode of 'The Champions' where he did a very surprising gesture.

K-pop idol and member of the hit girl group, f(x), Victoria also made an appearance in the TV variety show. According to Korea Portal, Shaquille O'Neal can clearly be seen to have been mesmerized by the beauty of Victoria as soon as he saw the K-pop idol. Because of this, the NBA legend can't help but fall on one knee and seemingly proposed to Victoria.

Shaquille O'Neal knelt down with a bouquet of flowers on his hands. He then offered it to Victoria, with seemingly utmost sincerity. It's because of this that the audiences were shocked to see the unexpected moment. Knowing that the two come from very different worlds, it really is a very nice sight to behold.

Surprisingly, Victoria showed her professional side and gently responded to the romantic gesture that Shaquille O'Neal showed to her. The K-pop idol then said that she would first ask her mother what she might think about the proposal. This shows that f(x)'s Victoria really knows how to handle unexpected situations like these.

Though this can clearly be seen as just an entertaining act for the NBA legend and K-pop idol, it is still very interesting to know that a very popular NBA star still can't help but fall in love with the sheer beauty and charm of South Korea's Victoria.

With all of these being said, let's just hope that Shaquille O'Neal and f(x)'s Victoria will still meet again in the future.

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