Jay Park Ignores NBA Racist Comments, Pushes Through Performance With Yuna And Trey Songz

Hit K-pop idol, Jay Park, recently experienced one of the most unfortunate moments in his life as he was endlessly lambasted with a number of racist comments in one of his photos that was posted by the NBA in their Facebook page.

The comments even had more than 2,700 comments as of June 14, showing how intriguing and "popular" the photo had become. There were a lot of racist comments in the photo because some people didn't know how Jay Park was.

According to All K-pop, rude and racist comments were targeted at the innocent K-pop idol. Examples of these comments referred to him as the cousin of Kim Jong Un and a dog eat. There were even some comments that called K-pop as "K-poop." All of these are disgraceful comments targetted at attacking an Asian celebrity.

However, the Korean idol's fans came to the rescue defending him from the rude comments in the photo. Despite it, Jay Park remains calm and chooses to stay silent even though he was rudely labeled with different names from the comments.

As of now, Jay Park is reported to be preparing for the Seoul Soul Festival. According to The Malay Online, Malaysian celebrity, Yuna, will be joining him for the music festival. It is worth knowing that Seoul Soul Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Asia. With this, Jay Park will be taking the opportunity to prove his haters wrong.

The music festival is reported to be taking place on August 14 and August 15. Trey Songz and Desiigner will also be performing together with Yuna and Jay Park For now, the venue of the festival has not yet been announced. There is also news that more popular performers will be part of the music festival. The price of the tickets are from $110 to $164.

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