NU'EST's Debut Song Tops The Charts Overnight?

K-Pop boy group NU'EST is finally getting some well-deserved recognition after their time spent on 'Produce I.O.I Season 2.'

The group debuted back in 2012 and, although they had a solid concept and music, they couldn't seem to find the limelight in Korea. Once their company, Pledis, debuted boy group Seventeen, it appeared the members faded until they regained their fame while performing and showcasing their talents in the popular Korean idol survival program. 

Since the finale of the show and debut of Wanna One, Korea started taking interest in the rest of the candidates, with most of them being members of NU'EST. Due to this sudden interest, downloads and purchases, their debut song "Hello" has topped the charts and even become a possible candidate for winning this week's 'Inkigayo.'

Their song can be voted for before the live broadcast airs and will be used to determine the ranking. It'll be hard for them to actually get #1 as they'll have no album sales, but it's still an amazing feat. 

Oddly enough, due to the attention from the broadcasts and general audience interest as well as the hype surrounding their debut song, it isn't just their songs that are doing well - the boys have pretty much taken over Naver, Korea's biggest search engine!

According to various media outlets, NU'EST's videos can be seen being featured on the front page of Naver. Their dance video for "Look", their MV for "Love Paint", and JR-Minhyun's unit song "Daybreak" MV were also posted under Naver TV's music category. 

Congratulations to NU'EST. Fans are hoping this will be the start of something big for the boy group.



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