T-ara Left Speechless After Winning 1st on 'The Show'

The girls of T-ara truly hit us in the feels after their win for their performance of "What's Ma Name" on this week's episode of 'The Show.'

T-ara had recently announced their official disbandment a few weeks back, with the loss of two members. Now, the girls are starting their last set of promotions for their album, and promotional track of the same name, 'What's My Name.' The group lineup consists of Jiyeon, Hyomin, Qri and Eunjung now.

Many K-Pop fans know that T-ara received a lot of negative press over the years which put a raging stop to their popularity and chances of winning music programs (aside from their insanely huge Chinese fan base). However, with all of Korea in the known of their final departure, it seems the differences were cast aside and the girls came out on top with their first win for their final promotions, out beating hit groups F.T. Island and Astro. Check out the video of their performance and win below!

As you can see, the girls were completely taken back by the unexpected win. They could barely speak and fell to their knees in tears. Qri seemed to be the only one with a strong composure but she too cracked under the pressure and seeing the tears of her fellow members. Member Eunjung was the only one absent to accept the award due to her tight scheduling for filming a drama.

The announcers, other idols, and fans seemed astonished and speechless themselves as they didn't know how to react to T-ara's raw emotions. Congratulations, T-ara! What do you all think of this endearing situation?



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