G-Friend's Umji Steals Fan's Camera at K-CON NY

As we all know, G-Friend has come to K-CON here at K-CON NY for another overseas concert. Although we always know the girls to be angles, a funny incident happened where member Umji accidentally stole a fan's camera.

After performing on stage and all the artists began to say their good-byes, fans were reaching out to idols with their phones and cameras for the idols to take a picture with. When Umji reached out for one girl's yellow fujifilm camera, the group were suddenly called off the stage. Umji was unsure of what to do and tried reaching out to the fan but couldn't. 

When Umji reached center stage, they suddenly zoomed in on the dumbfounded idol as she stood at the edge of the stage questioning to the cameras what she should do with this fan's item? 

Fortunately, the security rushed on stage to retrieve the camera and was able to deliver it back to the young fan girl. As Umji walked off, her other members grabbed her and laughed at how ridiculous she appeared. Only Umji!

*Stay tuned for an official release of the photo/footage of the situation mentioned above.*



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