Highlight Talk Fashion & Reveal Thoughts Of Performing As Highlight at K-CON NY

The boy group Highlight, originally known as B2ST, were absolute fashion God's at the Red Carpet for K-CON NY 2017. The boys were seen in stunning suits and captured the eyes and heart's of fans beautifully!

The MC of K-CON asked B2ST about their distinct styles. The boys revealed that "We decided to wear suits with different styles. We wanted to showcase each individual member's charms." The boys certainly delivered as you can see they wore matching suit styles with various patterns and cuts.

The MC also commented, "Unlike the other groups, who are more uniformed and matching, Highlight all have a unique look." The boys were then engaged and asked about their feelings about being here at K-CON NY and how they feel about performing.

"We are happy to be here in New York and to perform for the first time as Highlight. Please cheers us on and look forward to our performance." As expected, Highlight stole the show as they were the closing act of K-CON NY. The boys performed many hit songs from their B2ST days such as "YeY" and "Beautiful Night." Stay tuned for more information on Highlight and your favorite artists from K-CON NY!



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