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5 Reasons We Don't Want K-CON To End

By Edward Leary | June 27, 2017 11:18 AM EDT


It's already been three days since the end of K-CON NY 2017 and it is already hitting us in the feels! If you're like us and simply can't get over the fact that it ended or can't go to LA and celebrate for the second time, check out these 5 reasons we need K-CON to stay every day and share in the memories together! 

1. Meeting Fellow K-Fans

When you arrived at the Prudential Center, it was like being teleported to a new world - a world of K-Pop! There were so many fans (who are probably now all your Facebook friends) that we could relate to! From K-Pop biases, drama content, to our favorite YouTubers and more, you basically find your soulmate(s) among these people!

2. A Day of Fun With Idols

Who doesn't want a K-Pop idol-filled day? Even if you weren't lucky enough to win a fan engagement or hi-touch pass, it was amazing to have the opportunity to see your favorite idols visiting booths or speaking on the outdoor stage!

3. A Sea of K-Pop Merch

It is probably a well-known fact 90% of America is without any K-Pop or Korean merchandise. K-CON NY is essentially the motherload of all things Korean and can endlessly supply you with anything and everything that could have K-Pop on it. Bags, shirts, face masks, chokers, shoes, albums, posters - the list goes on and on!

4. All The Fun Dance Battles

For those who love K-Pop and still dream of their being one giant K-Pop club in your city someday, your dream comes true thanks to K-CON. Blasting fan favorites like TWICE or BTS, the streets come alive and is practically filled with everyone doing their famous choreography!

5. Eating Korean Food

It isn't often that we get to try some delicious, authentic Korean food! From jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) to ddeokbboki (spicy rice cakes) the marketplace is littered with vendors waiting for you to try a taste of Korea! Plus, there are tons of free samples!

What did you love most about K-CON? Let us know!

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