American Rapper Wale Accused of Manipulating BTS for Fame

Recently, American rapper Wale has been making headlines ever since his shout out to BTS on one of his tracks several months ago. However, fans felt that the rapper didn't do it out of respect but merely to gain more attention and popularity from fans.

With all the hype surrounding the group after their BillBoard Music Award Wins, it is no surprise that many other artists are flocking to the group, wondering who they are and to also gain attention alongside them.

In his track  "Folarin Like (Nas Is Like Freestyle)," Wale rapped the following lyrics, "Foreign feature from South Korea, BTS be the shit, we about to see it." You can find the track on Youtube and Wale's official SoundCloud. But this isn't the first time BTS and Wales interacted! In October of 2016, Wale was sent a cover by Rap Monster of one of his songs "Illest Bitch" and by November Wale had tweeted out asking for a collab. 

Fans had revealed that the ones that posted hate towards the rapper were anti-fans and that ARMY's truly supported foreign collaborations with their favorite K-Pop idols. Despite that, the rapper still took to Twitter to post some angry tweets. However, they have been recently deleted to avoid further controversy. Check out the tweets down below.



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