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10 Idols Who Looked Absolutely Sexy In Body Suits

By Chaeil Lee | June 28, 2017 02:13 AM EDT


K-Pop fashion has always been something rather unique, stunning and out there! However, when it comes to sex appeal, K-Pop idols often take a road less traveled - they show off less skin and emphasize their natural curves! Let's see which female idols owned their full body suits and continue to impress with their amazing shape!

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In

Brown Eyed Girl's Ga In is always alluring and attractive so it comes as no surprise that'd she would look stunning in a body suit as elaborate as this.


The girls of 4L took K-Pop's level of sex appeal to the max with their MV "Move," as they can be seen sporting some extremely provocative lacey body suits. These styles are barely shying away from lingerie.

Girl's Day Sojin

Speaking of lingerie, Girl's Day's Sojin looks classy and chic as she can be seen in a beautiful bodysuit for a greyscale teaser photoshoot, laying on the floor and gazing into the distance.

Dal Shabet

The girls of Dal Shabet became absolute fashionistas as they sport their full body bathing suits, with interesting cuts and details, alongside their tight-fitting blazers. These girls came to slay the fashion game with "B.B.B."


Rania are another girl group who never shy away from a fun and flirty concept. Like other girl groups, Rania also amped up the sex appeal with these expensive and lavish full body suits for "Just Go." 


The girls of AOA were sexy and chic in their leather body suits for "Like A Cat." They complete grab out attention and owned the concept nicely.


Anda was one brave soul as she debuted with "Malgo" sporting a series of sexy and elaborate body suits! Just check out her ultra fierce style and attitude to match.

Six Bomb

Six Bomb made headlines (literally!) with their pink body suits for "Wait Another 10 Years, Baby." Whether it was good or bad, there is no denying these girls stole the show with their body suits.

Nine Muses

Nine Muses are nothing but captivating goddesses in their black, slimming body suits for "Dolls." Each member has a physique you could simply die for.


Stellar look absolutely stellar as they show off their sexy sides with their tight, mesh body suits for "Marionette." Another girl group that utilizes the lingerie concept quite nicely.

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