Shocking Nude Photos of Sulli Spread Online

The internet is going a buzz again due to another wild controversy involving K-Pop idol Sulli!

It had recently been revealed that Sulli had been filming for a new movie called 'Real' alongside fellow Korean star Kim Soo Hyun.

During the movie, there were some rather explicit scenes that Sulli decided to do in the nude. While her body was visible, there weren't any ways she was completely exposed or revealing her private parts. However, photos were illegally taken of the idol/actress and have been circulating all across the internet. View the photo for yourself down below.

WARNING: These photo(s) are deemed NSFW.

According to her agency, on June 28th a rep from the film distribution company CJ Entertainment  stated, "Photos that seemed to be taken in the theater are spreading online so we're in the process of deletion. We are deleting them as soon as we find or receive reports about it."  They furthered addressed the situation revealing, "It is absolutely illegal to take photos in the theater and share them. We're not taking (legal) action as of now but we plan to take action if the illegal activity continues." 

Meanwhile, the film 'Real' has already been released in theaters and many fans are worrying how this latest controversy will affect the idol's career. Stay tuned.

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