6 Reasons Bora and Feeldog are Perfect Together!

Bora and Feeldog have a chemistry that cannot be beaten! The two met on "Hit the Stage", 1 year ago and became friends. Since then they developed romantic feelings for each other and began dating. The two always support each other in their endeavors and Bora was seen supporting Feeldog’s recent art exhibition. Due to their loving displays of affection, we couldn't resist running down the list of reasons that make them a perfect couple!

Here are 6 reasons why Bora and Feeldog make a perfect couple!

1. Both have February birthdays

Although Bora is 2 years older than Feeldog, they both have the same birth month in common. It must be the most romantic month for them, especially with Valentine's Day around the corner! 

2. They are very athletic

Both Bora and Feeldog are very athletic, that they became legends on sport-like variety shows. Feeldog was a regular on Dream Team 2. They seem to be perfect at every sport they try! 

3. Both are amazing dancers!

Feeldog was an underground dancer pre-debut, which is where he got his stage name from and Bora did contemporary dance and is great at hip hop dancing. 

4. They both have songs produced by Brave Bros, who is the CEO of Feeldog's company.

5. They have fantastic bodies

Bora and Feeldog are both known for their healthy and toned bodies, which makes sense since they are involved in sports and are dancers. 

6. They are both dog lovers!

Bora has two adorable dogs as pets and Feeldog even has the "dog" in his stage name! Coincidence? I think not.

Want to see more reasons why they are perfect? Check out the video below!



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