Fans Are Watching BTS on PornHub?

Get ready for a laugh! Some fans (anti or delusional) have uploaded videos of BTS onto the infamous sex site PornHub - but it is not for the reasons you could imagine.

Warning the following content is deemed inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18.

It seems some fans found it funny to post videos of BTS, specifically from their 'Bon Voyage' series, onto PornHub with various captions and dirty titles. Some of the headlines include "Cute Korean Boys Have Some Fun Together" with each video being labeled per episode. But why the sudden uploads onto PornHub? Is it a joke or is there a deeper meaning?

Turns out these clever fans are trying to avoid copyright issues involving the 'V' App! The 'Bon Voyage' is only available on "V+," which fans have to pay for in order to have access to the exclusive content. Fans have uploaded the content to various video portals and sites but sadly had the removed one after the other due to copyright laws, claims and issues.

However, PornHub seems to be free and out of reach of such legalities, thus fans have uploaded the content for all of the world to see - and the videos are already raking in high views.

Unfortunately, after widespread circulation among the fandom, ARMY, the videos have since been taken down. At least they tried. Until then, we will have to keep on paying for "V+" if we want to see more from these handsome boys!



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