A Pink's Bomi Criticized For Black Face Skit on SNL Korea

It seems Korea really hasn't learned their lesson as another celebrity is under fire for using black face as a means of comedy on another broadcast.

Previously, in April of 2017, comedian Hong Hyun Hee was greatly criticized for her use of black face during a comedy skit on 'Laughing Legend Match.' She was seen mimicking 'The Circle of Life,' a scene from the iconic Disney movie 'The Lion King.'

Now, Bomi of A Pink was seen doing the same action and reliving the same consequence.

Bomi was imitating a character by the name of Michol from a popular children's TV show in Korea called 'Dooly.' While the character is meant to emulate a black male, it was highly inappropriate as Bomi can be seen with her lips enlarged and skin darkened by makeup.

Despite the fact that other actors were dressed to resemble the other characters and using makeup to change their skin color, fans were still outraged by the fact that the A Pink member was still willing to do the skit despite the recent controversies involving this racist act. View the video of the skit below and let us know your comments on this situation.

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