Choa to Officially Depart From AOA as Confirmed by FNC Entertainment on Friday

Choa is officially leaving AOA. This has been confirmed by the girl group's agency, FNC Entertainment, on Friday.

According to Soompi, this was confirmed by a source from AOA's agency, FNC Entertainment on Friday, June 30. After a long deliberation, the agency has decided that Choa will be officially leaving the girl group.

"We have decided to respect Choa's opinion and decision," said FNC Entertainment in their statement. "She will be officially leaving AOA."

FNC Entertainment also added that the group will be continuing with their individual activities such as fan meets, show appearances and the likes. "We ask for fans' love and support," said the agency.

Another source also added that Choa's upcoming fan signing event will continue. The fan signing event happened on Saturday, June 1 for a clothing brand.

As previously reported by KpopStarz, Choa announced she would be leaving AOA on the evening of June 22. She uploaded a lengthy post on her official Instagram account explaining the reason for her sudden decision.

According to Choa, she is suffering depression. This started when AOA debuted in 2012 when she felt that the group hasn't been receiving that much love from the public.

Choa's depression got a lot worse as the years progressed for the group. "While promoting, there were many times where I just wanted to cry," wrote Choa on her Instagram post.

"During the course of 2 years, my promotions were cut back a bit, but even when I was resting it really wasn't resting," Choa also added. Because of the pressure building up inside of her, she ultimately decided to leave the group for good.

With Choa leaving, rumors have gone around stating that member Yuna will now become AOA's main vocals. This however, hasn't been confirmed by FNC Entertainment.

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